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This is the small circular shaped button at the back of the 4Pain. Lost it? No problem – just order another from us!

A natural, magnetic device designed to relieve the discomfort caused by arthritic pain, sciatica, whiplash, spinal injuries, sports injuries, and pulled muscles.

  • Simple…Small and discreet, attaches to your clothes at the point of the pain.
  • Versatile…For back, shoulders, neck, spinal injuries, arthritic pain…even sciatica
  • Fast…We believe your pain can be reduced within hours rather than days.
  • Safe…4Pain has become one of the most popular products, used by many thousands and is totally safe with no reported adverse effects.

4Pain could be the only thing you need to totally eliminate back pain… and it should last you a lifetime!
How can it help me?

Your body is able to totally heal and maintain itself naturally although sometimes it can benefit from a little help. 4Pain was designed to help by creating powerful magnetic fields, which may enhance the natural process of healing. Some studies suggest that there maybe an improvement in circulation, a calming of the nerve signals, a change in the behaviour of the cells in the healing process and pain relief. All you have to do is attach the small and discreet 4Pain to your clothes at the point of the pain. What could be easier?

The benefits speak for themselves…

Having been diagnosed with sciatica four years ago. I had been using a very strong pain killer…I’ve been looking for an alternative form of pain relief without having to take stronger tablets. I’ve since found 4Pain… it helps tremendously. I highly recommend it to all my friends…
J Hooper, Bristol

I recently purchased one of your new 4Pain products after treating a muscle in my lower back…I placed the 4Pain exactly where the pain was… By the end of the day I was no longer in any pain at all.
R B Kent, Oxfordshire

4Pain – Small and discreet, simply attach to your clothes at the point of discomfort. Designed for neck, shoulder, lower back pain and sciatica

In the unlikely/unfortunate case of losing either part of your 4Pain we can replace. Please Click Here

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Weight 30 g