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Our magnetic dog collars provide natural pain relief for dogs that suffer from arthritis or stiffness in the muscle and joints. The collar applies a natural static magnetic field to the body, which helps by improving blood flow and acts as an anti-inflammatory to relieve tension and eliminate pain. It will also encourage new cell growth and can even help with stress and anxiety. Natural magnetic fields create a powerful energy, which is absorbed by the body, primarily around the head and neck. The collar should be worn 24/7 to ensure ongoing benefits.

This natural alternative means your dog is able to resume their normal active lifestyle, in many cases without the need for invasive veterinary prescriptions. For 18 years, pet owners have opted to help their dogs with our magnetic collars and we have always been thrilled to hear so many positive changes as a result.

Kiri Price

Kiri the Dobermans Story

When our pet Kiri the Doberman, developed severe arthritis at the age of 10, the vets as normal prescribed painkillers/anti-inflammatory tablets. As caring owners, we tried many different treatments both traditional and alternative to help Kiri. After researching the ancient art of healing using static magnetic fields, we developed a magnetic dog collar for her. After just a couple of weeks of wearing the collar we were so happy as Kiri was so much better, she was able to run around our farm like a dog half her age and all without medication. Using the collar helped to keep our once almost crippled member of the family active and pain free, until she was one month short of 17.Friends, family and especially the vets were amazed at Kiri’s dramatic recovery. The requests to help other pets and their owners became to overwhelming to ignore. So Magnopulse was born. Since then, we have continued to research and develop static magnetic products that have helped thousands of people over the last 10 years – all thanks to Kiri.


“I recently purchased a collar for my dog – Badger. Within a few days the results were incredible. I couldn’t believe the difference. My husband was very sceptical but he has to admit the difference in Badger is fantastic. He no longer takes any medication, just wears his collar night and day.”
CN Chilton Poleden

“I purchased a collar for our 15 year old collie 2 weeks ago, and we are delighted with her improvement. She is now able to put herself down onto her bed, and to get up, something she has been unable to do for the past 3 months. She is more alert, and the quality of her life much improved.”
SC Frome

“My 1 year old German Shepard was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We have tried everything from medication, swimming and limited exercise. After 3 days of wearing her collar she became a different dog, she acts like a puppy. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made to her life.”
AB Stoke On Trent

Vets Recommend Magnopulse Collars

Vets recommend and supply Magnopulse collars for your pet.Please measure your pets neck at the narrowest part (normally) behind the ears, we will then supply the appropriate size to include the correct power to suit the size of your dog.

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Weight 130 g

15.5", 15.0", 14.5", 14.0", 13.5", 13.0", 12.5", 12.0", 16.0", 16.5", 17.0", 17.5", 18.0", 18.5", 19.0", 19.5", 20.0", 20.5", 21.0", 21.5", 22.0", 22.5", 23.0", 23.5", 24.5", 25.0"