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As seen on ITV’s This Morning, and other national press.4Ulcercare is the First static magnetic product available through the doctor and paid for by the NHS
Designed for the healing of chronic, venous, arterial leg ulcers and may help diabetic patients.


What are leg ulcers?

Leg Ulcers are wounds on the lower leg tending not to heal with treatment.

Who’s at risk?

Leg Ulcers affect approximately 100,000 people in the UK at anyone time.

What causes leg ulcers?

The most common cause is poor local blood circulation within the veins or arteries, giving them their names – venous ulcers (accounting for 70-80% of all cases) and arterial ulcers (about 15% of all cases).

4Ulcercare – a different concept to pressure bandages/stockings in ulcer management.
Compromised blood flow is the primary cause of venous/arterial leg ulcers. Pressure bandages and stockings were developed to help venous return of blood back up the leg. 4Ulcercare is comfortable wear and easily self applied which ensures patient compliance in long term use to help prevent recurrence.
How it helps

Magnopulse 4Ulcercare was developed on the principal that leg ulcers will heal naturally if your body can supply enough oxygen and nutrients to the affected area.

It is a safe, drug free, non-invasive method of treatment that can be used with normal bandages and treatments and at any stage of ulcer management.

Dr NJ Eccles BSC, MBBS, PHD, MRCP, Harley Street, London – the leading UK expert in Bio-energetic Medicine believes that 4UlcerCare accelerates healing by promotion of the so-called injury current, by increasing the growth and functional capacity of connective tissue cells and by enhancing blood perfusion and circulation.

  • Reports show that in many cases 4Ulcercare can clear leg ulcers within approx 12 to 16 weeks
  • 4Ulcercare may help those who have suffered chronic ulcers for many years
  • May also help eliminate recurrence
  • Fits comfortably around the leg and is so easy to use
“I am writing to tell you how grateful I am to have discovered “Magnopulse” leg bands. Last year I had a very bad leg ulcer. The leg band has been a complete miracle for me as I thought there was no cure, although I had seen nurses etc. the leg was getting worse. Now the ulcer has completely healed with the 4UlcerCare.

Mrs Andrews (Wirral)

Additional Information

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