About Dr Nyjon Eccles

Dr. Nyjon Eccles obtained his medical qualifications in 1992 from UCL Medical School in London and has been a Member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) since 1997. He had also graduated previously with a PhD in Pharmacology in 1992. He is primarily a general and naturopathic physician and has special interest and experience in complementary nutritional supportive treatments that promote well-being and recovery.

He is the Medical director of a private clinic in Harley Street, London called The Chiron Clinic where he is also involved with Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging technology and its application in the screening and monitoring of pain syndromes and early breast cancer detection (6-10 years earlier than mammography).

He has done live interviews on ITN news Channel 5 and LBC radio and an appearance on Tonight with Trevor McDonald.

He has also written many dossiers recently on the efficacy of “Magnet therapy” in pain relief and wound healing in addition to leading and conducting double blind clinical trials in the latter (some of which are still ongoing).