Importance of Magnetic Health

Magnetic fields are important foundations of life. The process of cell division is the core of life due to magnetic energy. The bloodstream is vital for the transportation of life giving oxygen and nutrients. The bloodstream also helps to remove toxins naturally.

Unfortunately as we begin to age, we start to suffer from the effects of poor circulation, preventing the body from healing itself effectively. Cramps, chilblains, dry skin, stiffness and general aches and pains are all prime examples. These symptoms can often lead to more serious medical complaints resulting in the need to rely on daily medication.

A study to determine whether a static magnetic device can promote chronic leg ulcer healing were completed and published in the Journal of Wound Care Volume 14, Number 2 (Feb 2005).

“With the relatively few numbers of patients in the trial we were not expecting to observe such clear difference due to the magnetic device…. we felt that the results were of such potential importance that they merited publication at this stage. What is more significant is that these were all patients whose ulcers were failing to heal by other usual treatments”. Dr Nyjon Eccles (Lead clinician for the study).

Copies of the Journal of Wound Care are available for nurses by call our help line on 0117 9710 710 (office hours).