LegCare Leg Wrap

Good morning. I sent a note last week, saying how the little green magnet had my heart racing, when I used it on my left shoulder, for pain.( I had bought it for my right, lower back pain, which I have had since a hysterectomy 23 years ago!…have had all sorts of treatments over the years, and the magnet is working for me!) Mr Price called me on Monday, and we talked it over, then he suggested your leg wraps. I ordered that day, they arrived yesterday…..and I put them on straight away, had them on all day and all night. They are still on. After a FEW minutes, my heart had calmed down, palpultations eased.

I have had the best nights sleep, that I have had for years…..a really deep sleep, no RLS, and no cramp! What a change. Now I am wondering about the arm wraps!!!! I have had carpul tunnel ops on both hands…at the same time years ago., and the pain I get in my shoulders an upper arms is at times really bad. I used the little green magnet on my right shoulder in the night, and that helped me so much.

Thanking you very much for taking the trouble/time to call me, and help me out. I have sent your web site on to several friends/family, here and in Spain.

All the best, Joy Jones

LegCare Leg Wrap

Wearing your leg wraps helped my varicose veins and swollen legs almost immediately

John Cardiff

Back and shoulder pain relief

I have now used this unit for one week, and the result has been nothing short of a miracle. I have had intermittent lower back pain for two years, but for the last three months it has become almost disabling. When walking any distance I had to use a stick, and it was still painful lying down. I have seen four Doctors during this time who have prescribed various painkillers, but they caused unacceptable side effects. Thanks to your advice and 4 Pain, I have got my life back on track, not bad for a 71 year old and walking and cycling are no problem for me.

David Morrions

SleepCare Underlay

For years I have recommended the Magnopulse underlay to my patients to help with spinal aches and pains, arthritic knees and and night cramps. I have seen very good results and have many satisfied patients.

Christine Fielding L.C.S.P. (PHYS) DO MNCSO (Remedial therapist).

Dog Collar

I have a ten year old German shepherd; he’s a massive cuddly bear and at his time of life was beginning to feel his age, particularly when he tried to get up in the morning or after partying with my god-children!

He has been wearing a Magnopulse collar for 3 weeks and he is a changed dog! I admit I was skeptical but when you love someone as much as I love my boy, you try anything!

He isn’t just more flexible, his whole mood has changed! He’s bouncing inside and out! He’s teasing, playing and behaving like he did when he was half his age.

Any dog owners out there who are at this website should buy one; being at this web site means you’re already concerned about your dog’s welfare. DON’T DELAY! It truly works! Don’t ask me how…….it just does!

Thank you Magnopulse

Christine Malt and a very happy Jack

Leg Wrap – 4Ulcercare

I am writing to tell you how grateful I am to have discovered “Magnopulse” leg bands. Last year I had a very bad leg ulcer. The leg band has been a complete miracle for me as I thought there was no cure, although I had seen nurses etc. the leg was getting worse. Now the ulcer has completely healed with the 4UlcerCare.

Mrs Andrews Wirral

Restless Legs – Leg Wrap

I can’t believe the relief I’ve had. I used to take 2 co-codamol to go to bed for the pain relief in my legs. I’ve not taken one for two weeks. The relief from all my symptoms has been amazing

GT Stourbridge